An Army Veteran Turned into Success Strategist



Creating Your Blueprint To Success

Dauntless: Creating Your Blueprint To Success book will take you on a journey through Dagmar's 24 years of military service. She shares the lessons learned, the disconnects found after her retirement, and how she used each life experience to create a legacy. This book includes strategies for anyone struggling to step into their greatness and build their empire.

Published on August 2021.

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About Dagmar

Dagmar Torres is a retired Army Veteran with over 24 years of leadership experience and eight years in network marketing. She is known as The Success Strategist. Dagmar formal education consists of a bachelor's degree in political sciences, and a master's in social sciences with a major in criminology. Her understanding of human behavior provides her with a wealth of knowledge applicable for personal and entrepreneurial development. Dagmar helps entrepreneurs create a synchronized brand, increase levels of online engagement, and achieve follower-to-client conversion. She is also the producer and host of a weekly podcast named the Be Fearless Podcast. Connect with her at www.dagmartorres.com or on social media @the_successstrategist.

Dagmar Torres

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"Dauntless shows how we can all become everyday heroes. Dagmar Torres's honestly and clarity about what comes after military life is for everyone to read. Dauntless shows you how you can change your mindset and become whomever you want to be. Thank you for allowing me on your journey, to the best of you."

- Conni Ponturo

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